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Aerial Photography Tricks

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ISO Settings – Lumia Photography tips from Rankin Film Productions – NOKIA UK

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Mar 14

Wolfville Travel photography session

Once, the valley residents bought goats for a village named Toundoute located in Morocco. Again, they stepped up when Nance Ackerman as well as her cousin guided the tour there. Last week, Nance stated that this is about giving back. Their mandate is that everytime they serve a community where they visit.

Ackerman has a base in both Halifax and Annapolis County, would be in Wolfville on 29th January, to talk about some of her tour experiences. The name of the presentation is Photography for Change. Nance and Laurie Nassif, her cousin, decided to begin their very own photography tours and workshops in the year 2010 in order to fill the tour’s demand which bring photo and travel enthusiasts to a whole new level of awareness.

Nance stated that they plan itineraries which attract to independent traveler as well as those who want to give back. And at the same time, sharpening their skills in photography. Cousins Photo Tours give many different type of tours every year to places like West Africa and Vietnam. She added that their passion for travel was encouraged by their late grandmom, who took each grandchildren when they graduated.

They used to go to the popular tourist places very rarely, along with the Wedding Photographer Derbyshire. They used to go to the poor part of the town and look for authentic markets. She believes that a person can effect a real positive alteration in the world. This year, the cousins intend to go to Yucatan in February and in April, they would go to Vietnam.

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How to take Better Photos with your iPhone

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Online Photography Classes | Photography Training | Photography Tricks | Photography Courses | Best

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New Zealand photographer takes shot of magnificent power

Resting on a research boats floor off the coast South Africa in perfidious waters, Kiwi photographer Chris McLennan exactly knew that he had to stay pored. Chris knew that if it came about, he had a 10th of one second to get his photograph.

Just seconds after, everything had finished – and he got what he was looking for. The New Zealand photographer had clicked, as he calls the ‘holy grail’ of shark snaps. Great white sharks thrusting out of the blue water to kill their prey are hardly photographed on camera. Continue reading →

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Photography Tutorial: How To Float In Mid Air

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10 Macro Photography Tips

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Wild Africa photography book by Alex Bernasconi

A grand visual record of 1 of the last remaining natural places on earth, the Wild Africa is a unequaled 1st hand photographic experience with the continent’s wildlife. From a fully new position, with unique accession to some of the remotest places as well as species staying beyond the holds of enslavement, Wild Africa is a present-day photographic record which takes people in the middle of the continent.

The end result of scrupulous journeys, Alex Bernasconi’s document carries some of the most surprising, spectacular and novel images of Africa as well as its wildlife. This is Africa along with consequences of true beauty as well as natural delicacy which show the total splendor of wildlife at 1 with the landscape, when still keeping its raw immediacy.

These are several stunning unique pictures by a photographer prompted to preserve, for descendants, the most particular scenes of wildlife in its real habitat. Photographer Alex Bernasconi is famous in landscape and wildlife with a love for nature. Alex as given the 1st prize in Blue Planet category of Trierenberg Super Circuit, and 1st and 3rd prize in Nature category of Prix de la Photographie Paris, as well as the 1st prize in Fine Art category.

A water vole that has been seen on the area’s canal might be nesting in Middlewich. The water vole has been snapper by a photographer along the Shropshire Union Canal Route. The number of this species has decline over the years in the United Kingdom.